"Desolation" Amearus Omaron


As the black sheep in an otherwise respected family, Amearus Omaron never really had a sense of “belonging.” Unusually fearful of entering the Last War, he waited as long as possible until he could no longer hide among the children. However, in his very first battle involving the Cyrians, he found comfort with an apparent lack of emotion when felling his first combatant. He immediately realized the source of his fears all those seasons prior, and went on to become a highly respected, yet feared Valenar Warrior.

Stories tell of “Desolation” Amearus Omaron, a young soldier who rose through the ranks ranging over 100 battles in the 100 Years War. That he has seen over 100 battles (reaching Paragon status) is not the reason alone for his acquired name, it’s that in all of the battles he has been in, all of the opponents that he has bested have died. Of all of the enemies that he has faced and brought down, none have healed from their wounds. This is not to say that he has won every fight, only that every fight that he has won ended in the death of his opponent.

So it is with irony that in the last great battle in the 100 Years War, involving thousands of Valenar and Cyrian warriors, he finally fell. As a fallen hero, he was given a proper cremation, where his ash embers scattered to the winds, and through the memories of his peers he has attained immortality (something the Valenar elves revere). Unfortunately, over a year after his death, the winds brought back his ash and reformed his body to an almost identical, though darker likeness.

To say that his emergence stirred quite a few emotions and concerns would be an understatement – Valenar elves revere their dead great warriors, not those who come back from the dead. Not being exactly sure of what his emergence means, the Valenar leaders sent Desolation to their ancestral homeland, Aerenal, where the Undying Court resides. There, the ruling undead elves told Desolation that he is neither dead or alive, but that his situation was a mystery of significance.

When Desolation asked if he was to become part of the Undying Court, he was given no straight answers. He was told, however, that his path had been laid out before them, and in order to achieve the immortality he seeks, he must walk it. Of course, Desolation had already achieved immortality by way of the Valenar beliefs, and was disturbed that it had been taken away from him. Not only that, but he was unsure of his destiny lying with Deathlessness, as the Aerenal ancestors possess. What he did know was that he did not like the memory of his existence in limbo after his death. The darkness there tore at his soul like a thousand poisonous leeches.

At present, he is torn between his desire to regain his reputation, exalted deeds, and immortal status among his fellow Valenar brothers, and his desire to embrace Deathlessness with his Aerenal cousins. He feels lost from his brothers, and that he might perhaps be just a puppet in the hands of the Undying Court. As an elf revenant, he is not used to the feeling of urgency, or the sense of impatience. He knows that he is on borrowed time, and fears his answers may never reach him.

For the time being, he has agreed to the direction of the Undying Court, because of their combined, accumulated millennium of wisdom. He feels he has already achieved greatness, and that this unlife is an unnecessary path to his final destiny.

As a revenant, Desolation now gains power from the shadows. It fuels his abilities. Where he once ran through battles using Warlord and Ranger fighting skills, he now possesses darker abilities akin to shadow assassins. He understands this change, though dislikes it immensely. He absolutely does not consider himself an assassin, but never-the-less, it is now how he fights.

"Desolation" Amearus Omaron

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