Finders Keepers

Small coastal elemental skiff


“Finders Keepers” is a small elemental skiff once owned by House Tharashk. Although they primarily used it to ferry expeditions up and down the Glum River in the Shadow Marches, they decided it was too cost-prohibitive and contracted their transport needs out to House Orien. Malic picked it up for a steal, or so he thought…

It turns out that the temperamental air elemental bound in its shards proved to be too much for the Tharashk captain to deal with. Malik had no better luck. That is until he met Brindol Sparkanthropel, a cheerful little gnome with a penchant for elemental binding. She helped him “tame” the wild elemental and has on-again-off-again success with keeping it under control.


Finders Keepers

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