At Seren Island

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After an eventful trip around Khorvaire to Q’barra for re-supply, the good ship Harper’s Folly skirted around Aerenal and crossed the Dragon Reach to arrive with minimum incident at Seren Island. Malic gave Captain Harper the directions to arrive at Redclaw Beach. Harper refuses to allow any of his men to accompany the party, “because of the trouble you always manage to land yourself, and your friends, in…”

As barbarian warriors came charging down the beach, Malic exited their longboat, displaying prominently his amulet and the crystal skull. This gave the warriors pause and they summoned their chieftain and shaman. The two met with the party at a secluded meeting and discussed the prophecy that foretold of their arrival…

“When the horned beast returns
With the dragons’ orcish legacy,
A trip through the dragon’s teeth
Decides his companions’ fate.”

This prophecy is why the tribe allowed Malic to live the last time he was stranded here and they were disappointed when he turned out to not be the figure of legend. Now he has returned and brought the legacy with him – he is the figure of legend and must return the legacy to the Dragons of Argonessen. The shaman has been studying the skull and has gleaned a bit of prophecy from the dragonmark inside:

“The three say goodbye to their precious boat.
Through the Dragon’s jaw and down its throat.
Fleeing death on the Dragon’s beach,
The safety of the forest is within their reach.”

After parting with this knowledge, the chieftain tells them that they may rest for the night in the barbarian camp, but must leave by morning to placate the tribesmen. The shaman reaffirms the blessing on Malic’s medallion and wishes them good journey. “Do not anger the dragons, for you are trespassing on their lands with information given by us. Your medallion will take care of you otherwise…”

After a night of partying and relaxing, the morning finds our heroes returning to their boat and rowing back out to Harper’s Folly. Malic knows that the area of reefs and stalagmites between the south of Seren and Argonessen is known as the Dragon’s Teeth. Once again, Harper will only take them so far…

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At Seren Island

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