Meeting Malic and the Trip to Seren

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While looking around for some clue as to what the cryptic message meant, Shalondra noticed a tiefling pacing on the docks. He appeared to be mildly annoyed and spoke in short bursts to a female gnome as they examined the hull damage on a small elemental craft. Putting their fate in the hands of the scroll, Shalondra approached the horned man, with Ulgarzi in tow. As they approached, it became apparent that the tiefling was the captain or owner of the boat with the gnome being his subordinate.

“Look, Brindol, I don’t care what you have to do to placate Rush, we’ve got places to be.”

“’Zat so? In our business, don’t you need a cargo or fares to have to be someplace to be?”

“I’ll get some work, but I may need to show off the boat. Get it ready, please.”

“Some new shards would help…” the gnome grumbled as she stalked on to the deck.

As the girls approached, Ulgarzi noted the tell-tale markings of House Tharashk on the hull near the name “Finders Keepers” and also on the front face of the helm. The man looked up. Putting on his most approachable smile, his yellow eyes twinkled. “Good morning, ladies! How may I humbly be of service to you today?”

“Is this a bad time?” Shalondra queried.

“What this?” He pointed at the gaping hole in the hull. “No, Brindol’ll have that patched up in no time. Looking to go somewhere?” The anticipation of hitting the sea was apparent in the man’s eyes.

“Is your ship capable of taking us here?” Shalondra offered a glimpse at the scroll, rolled down to show only the unlabeled map. As the tiefling reached for the scroll, Shalondra instinctively started to pull it back towards her chest. The tiefling pulled his own hands back and looked hurt. “Don’t worry, lass, I’m not a monster. My name is Malic by the way. You can hold the scroll, I’ll just look at it. No labels, interesting, that could pose a problem. That is, it could pose a problem, to someone else. I’d recognize that island anywhere, its Seren.”

Both women immediately recognized the name. Seren, the island famous for its barbarian inhabitants who protect it and the northwestern shore of Argonnessen from outsiders not familiar with the dragons’ ways. It is a well-known fact that the Seren Barbarians attack all outsiders on sight. “I’ve been to Seren before. I can help you get there,” Malic offered.

“So you don’t fear the barbarians?” Ulgarzi asked, still harboring some suspision of the man who appeared to own a vessel clearly belonging to House Tharashk.

“Well, I never said that. I’m acquainted with a dragonborn tribe on the southern tip of the island. Your map indicates we need to land nearby… Too convenient… It will be less problematic than dealing with another dragonborn tribe, but we’ll still have to be careful.”

“So, you’ll take us then?” Ulgarzi asked.

“Are you kidding? My boat can’t handle the open sea so well. But, I take it that you are a member of House Tharashk? No offense, but the tusks, the dragonmark and the fancy clothes – not to mention the way you’re looking me up and down like some bounty kind of tips your hand. If you can get us passage to Sharn, I just might know someone that can help us out…”

Ulgarzi arranged passage through House Tharashk, allowing them to believe she was on the trail of something valuable. In Sharn, the three met up with a friend of Malic’s, Captain Elijah Harper. Harper has the Dragonmark of Storm, showing him to be a likely member of House Lyrander. Malic reminded him of the favor Harper owed him and between that and the last bit of Malic’s “travelling money”, passage was booked for Seren Island…

At Seren Island

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Meeting Malic and the Trip to Seren

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