Wandering vagabond in search of adventure.


Malik approaches life head-on with a sense of raw, unbridled enthusiasm. Although he has never really “fit in” anywhere and has oftentimes been the subject of scorn, ridicule, and hostility, Malik still approaches everyday with zest, zeal, and the desire to live life fully. Although an optimist at heart, years of wandering and seeing the evils wrought by both man and creature have left him outwardly withdrawn, stoic, and morose. Only travel, seeing new places and meeting new people seems to lighten his mood and make him feel like “himself”. Malik’s mood and demeanor are noticeably improved when he sees “good” things happen or is able to help make a difference for those in need.

Although 65 years old, Malik’s infernal heritage gives him the look and health of a man in his 30’s, only the weariness in his eyes betrays his true age. Malik’s Mark of Passage is on his left inner wrist but he normally keeps it under wraps and hidden from view, just like the other tattoos that cover his body and tell the story of a lifetime of occupations, adventures, and travels. When he uses his arcane or racial abilities, Malik’s Dragonmark glows with a burning, violet energy causing him pain and discomfort.

Malik has tanned skin, deep yellow eyes with smoldering red pupils, and wears his jet-black hair pulled back into a pony-tail. Two thin braids hang from just behind his upturned horns. Malik is fond of jewelry (a leftover from his days as a pirate,) and has various beads and baubles woven into his braids. He also has a few pieces of jewelry on his tail, hanging from his ears, and an amulet he never removes, given to him by the dragonborn barbarians of Seren, and representing the symbol for eternal life.

Malik tends to dress in simple, functional clothing, preferring loose fitting long-sleeved shirts and leather breeches. Over his shirt he wears a black sleeveless, waist length chainmail coat given to him by the dwarves of the Mror Holds. He wears leather wraps on his lower legs and forearms for both protection and to hide his mark. He also wears a very utilitarian leather bandoleer full of pockets of various sizes for all manner of things that he picks up and carries with him. Rounding out his clothing is the ankle-length, dusty gray, hooded cloak that Malik wears when he is “on the road”. Malik carries two weapons with him at all times; a matched pair of short swords known as An-une’esh (elven for Fate and Destiny) that were given to him by a Valenar chieftain in Taer Shantara.



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